Capel Trails

Ironstone Gully Falls

Located 17kms south east of Capel on Goodwood Rd, this historic picnic area was reserved in 1903 for use as a recreation area for the Capel River settlers. Although not an official trail, the site is famous for the rich red rock over which a small tributary from the Capel River tumbles. During the wetter months, the stream (which has followed a course through the Jarrah forest) crosses under Goodwood Rd, gently meanders over a series of rapids before dropping over a nine meter high ledge.

During Spring, the trail features wildflowers, and the area has a remnant jarrah bushland surrounds. An existing narrow vehicle track winds its way throughout the reserve, providing an ideal ready-made walking and cycling circuit. Bird guides list this site for its potential for sighting raptors, Red-Tailed and Long-Billed Black Cockatoos, and Scarlet Robins.

BBQ and toilet facilities are available at this site.