Stratham bushland threat

Stratham bushland threat

30 June 2020

Shire of Capel rangers will be stepping up patrols and enforcement action in response to recent reports of people cutting down trees for firewood in Shire bushland reserves.

There is evidence woodcutters have been falling native jarrah and banksia trees in Stratham between Lakes Road and Harewoods Road.

The offenders have felled healthy banksia trees to get at the base of the other large jarrah trees.

This critically endangered Banksia woodland is home to native wildlife who rely on these trees for habitat. The Shire wishes to protect this area for future generations.

Woodcutters usually sell the wood on social media buy and sell pages by the trailer load.

It is illegal to sell wood without a licence. The Shire is also urging local social media administrators to ban the sale of firewood on their pages.

Buyers are often unaware that the wood they are purchasing may be green and will be difficult to burn.

Severe penalties apply to people caught illegally cutting and selling firewood.

The public is asked to report vehicles seen in Shire reserves, noting if possible the time, vehicle descriptions and number plates to or (08) 9727 0222.

Capel Shire President Cr Michael Southwell.