Seasonal Tenancies

Seasonal Tenancies

Seasonal Tenancies Sporting Ground Allocations Applications are invited each year for sporting clubs to use council managed reserves.

Applications are taken in February for the winter season and in August for the summer season.

For further information or to submit an application please contact Marisa Blandford on 08 9727 0222 or email

Seasonal Tenancy Application Boyanup Winter 2019

Seasonal Tenancy Application – Capel 2019
Conditions of Use 2019 – Capel Sports Pavilion

Seasonal Tenancy Application – Dalyellup 2019
Conditions of Use – Dalyellup Sports Pavilion 2019

East Dalyellup
Seasonal Tenancy Application – East Dalyellup 2019
East Dalyellup Pavilion – Conditions of Use 2019

Alcohol Consumption Form
Hire – Application – Alcohol Consumption