President Addresses Recent Claims Made on Facebook

Capel Shire Council President Murray Scott said a number of claims had been made on Facebook about the CEO, councillors, Shire staff and Council decision making. He said the Shire welcomes scrutiny and embraces accountability, however, criticism should be reasonable and have a basis in facts.

Mr Scott said the councillors welcome public input and encourage community members to contact councillors with any questions or concerns they might have.

He said councillors and Shire staff work with ratepayers to identify and implement new projects each year and deliberately allocate an increasing budget to maintain its facilities, services, and programs.

Council continues to make decisions that further the interests of the Shire’s community guided by and consistent with the Shire’s Long-Term Financial Plan 2017-32 which has been developed after extensive community consultation.

Mr Scott said council meetings were open to the public and he was pleased to see an increase in the number of community members attending the meetings in the past year.

Mr Scott urged ratepayers to voice their opinion in a constructive way, which was via as this enables Shire officers and councillors to address the questions and concerns directly.

Mr Scott said Facebook was a great platform for sharing information, however, these sorts of forums were not always a trusted source of information.

He urged residents to contact Shire councillors directly before posting concerns on Facebook, you can contact a councillor here.