Rural Street Numbering

Rural Street Numbering

Rural Street Numbering has been implemented within the Shire of Capel in accordance with a national model.  The aim is to supply a uniform address number to every rural and semi rural property in Australia.  Numbered sign posts, clearly visible from the road, will be placed at each property that has a building on the lot.

Rural property numbering is a simple distance based system – numbers are allocated in sequence, based on how far your property entrance is from the nominated start of the road.  Odd numbers are on the left and even numbers on the right.  If a property’s number is 327, it’s on the left side and 3.27 kilometres from the start of the road.  If the number is 1026, it’s on the right and 10.26 kilometres from the start.  This distance can then be referred to when giving instructions to delivery services, emergency services or other visitors to your property.

This new address replaces the RSM and RMB address systems but does not replace personal Post Office Box addresses.

As well as putting you on the map, the system has a wide range of benefits for many sections of the community:

  • Simplify the Electoral Commission’s task of ensuring that all voters are on the electoral roll;
  • Assist the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct surveys, many of which are vital for primary industry and the rural communities;
  • Enable commercial carriers, delivery organisations and taxi services to locate properties with ease;
  • Emergency services – police, fire brigade, ambulance, doctors and the State Emergency Services – will be able to pinpoint properties without delay;
  • Help Tourism by making historical sites and other tourist attractions simple to find
  • Greatly assist council with services and administration.

If you notice that your street has been numbered but your lot has not been given one, please contact the Engineering and Development Services Division for the allocation of a number.