Forms & Fees

Forms & Fees

Building Permit Application

Applies if you are building a new home, undertaking additions or alterations (Class 1a), or if you are building an outbuilding, shed, patio, deck, garage, swimming pool, spa, retaining wall, fence, water tanks, masts or the like (Class 10).

Information Sheets & Checklist

Demolition Permit Application

Applies if you are demolishing, dismantling or removing a building or incidental structure. Any Class 10 building that does not exceed 40m2 floor area may be exempt.

Notice of Completion

Applies once building works are completed in accordance with the permit. The person responsible for undertaking the building work has 7 days to submit a notice of completion to the permit authority.

Other Building Approval Forms

Additional building approval forms (including building permit (certified), occupancy permit, building approval certificate, and extension of time) and further information relating to these can be obtained through the Building Commission website.

Fee Schedule

Residential Planning

Many residential buildings are exempt from requiring a planning approval and can be assessed as part of a building permit application.

Useful Building Information and Forms