Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Local Building Surveyors

Building Commission

The Building Commission is a division of the Department of Commerce and provides valuable assistance to the building industry. Responsibilities of the Building Commission include licensing and registration, administration of legislative framework, dispute resolution, and industry information.

Information is readily available on the Building Commission website and covers a wide range of subjects including:

  • Becoming an owner-builder
  • Finding registered building services providers
  • Dividing fences
  • Building approval forms
  • Building legislative framework

Water Corporation

Building Plans need to be submitted to the Water Corporation for approval prior to building any type of structure on your property.  Water Corporation need to check your plans to ensure proposed buildings are not constructed over, or too close to their assets.

Australian Building Codes Board

The Australian Building Ministers’ Forum agreed to make the 2015 National Construction Code (NCC) and future editions freely available online, significantly contributing to reducing the burden of building regulation. The decision to eliminate costs associated with buying the code will make it more accessible to the building and plumbing industries, small business and the community.

The free 2016 NCC includes Volume One (Building Code of Australia for Class 2 to Class 9 Buildings); Volume Two (Building Code of Australia for Class 1 and Class 10 Buildings); Volume Three (Plumbing Code of Australia); and the Guide to Volume One.

To access the 2016 NCC online for free, you must register on the Australian Building Codes Board website.