Mosquito Management Update

Mosquito Management Update

Our environmental health team have commenced the seasonal larval monitoring in line with our mosquito management strategy.

The program aims to reduce the incidence of Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus disease.

We seasonally conduct larval monitoring to understand the extent of mosquito breeding and the larval stages in the known breeding wetlands.

Adult mosquito trapping is co-ordinated by the Department of Health for the purposes of monitoring mosquito populations and identifying whether virus-carrying mosquitoes are present.

The Department of Health’s surveillance program has recently detected Ross River virus activity in mosquitoes in the region.

The Department of Health issued a press release reminding the community to wear long, loose-fitting clothing and use a repellent containing either DEET or Picardin to avoid mosquito bites.

Our health team will continue to monitor mosquito activity to determine whether helicopter treatments are required.

The granular larvicide used contains a bacteria by-product, Bti, which kills the larvae within 24 to 48 hours, helping to prevent the next emergence of adult mosquitoes.

Please contact our health team on 08 9727 0222 or with questions.