Mosquito Management Update

Mosquito Management Update

The Health Department has issued a new warning about the number of Ross River Virus in the South West.

The warning follows ongoing Ross River virus (RRV) detections in mosquitoes and a recent increase in the number of human cases of RRV disease notified to the Department of Health, indicating the virus is very active in the environment.

There a high number of infected mosquitos being detected though our adult mosquito trapping program.

The program results show increased mosquito activity following seasonal weather changes (el Nina weather pattern).

What we’re doing:

  • Increased aerial treatments
  • Increased larval dipping
  • Increase adult trapping
  • Increase education – please follow Fight The Bite SW for latest information.

What you should do:

  • avoid outdoor exposure at dawn and dusk
  • wear long and loose-fitting clothing
  • apply repellent containing DEET or picaridin
  • protect infants with suitable clothing, bed nets and insect screening
  • install and maintain household insect screens
  • remove water-holding containers from around the house
  • use mosquito coils and lanterns
  • apply barrier sprays containing bifenthrin in patio and outdoor areas
  • use mosquito nets and mosquito-proof tents if sleeping outside.
    Stay up to date by following Fight the Bite or Health Department.

Our health team will continue to monitor mosquito activity.

Please contact our health team on 08 9727 0222 or with questions.