Media statement | Container Deposit Scheme

Media statement | Container Deposit Scheme

Last Sunday (July 26) the Shire of Capel hosted a promotional Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) event at the Boyanup markets.

Community members were encouraged to collect and bring in eligible recyclable containers for a 10c-per container refund.

Unfortunately, due to a mis-communication between the Shire and an external contractor a skip bin of containers was mistakenly taken to landfill.

This meant only about a third of the returned containers were properly delivered to Bunbury for recycling processing.

As the host of this event, the Shire takes responsibility for this mistake, and we apologise to the community and event participants. Steps have been taken to ensure this will not happen again.

The otherwise successful event was the largest Container Deposit Scheme event held so far in Western Australia.

This shows peoples willingness to earn refunds for recyclables.

We will continue to support and promote the Container Deposit Scheme and the great recycling behaviour displayed at Sunday’s event.

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