Local Planning Strategies

Local Planning Strategies


A Local Planning Strategy (LPS) establishes the planning framework for each local government, and provides the strategic basis for local planning schemes. It sets out the local government’s objectives for future land-use planning and development, and includes a broad framework by which to meet those objectives. A LPS needs to address the social, environmental and economic factors that affect, and are affected by, land use and development.

The Shire currently has a range of strategic local planning documents that provide for future growth and development, as set out below. The Shire proposes to consolidate and update these within a single, Shire-wide Local Planning Strategy in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

The Shire of Capel is working on a Local Planning Strategy in tandem with a new Local Planning Scheme No.8, to replace the existing Town Planning Scheme No.7. Work commenced in September 2015 – Report to Council – and is ongoing, with consultation on a draft Local Planning Strategy in 2019.

The Local Planning Strategy will provide a long term (15 year) direction for land use planning in the Shire of Capel, and will reflect the existing regional and local planning framework. It will also provide the rationale for proposed zones and identify key planning issues to be addressed by the new Local Planning Scheme, as well as guiding local area plans and local planning policies for the Shire.


Existing Local Planning Strategies
Area Strategy Date
Shire Capel Shire Land Use Strategy March 1999
Capel Coastal Strategy October 2005
Capel Urban Landscape Strategy October 2011
Boyanup Boyanup Townsite Strategy May 2010
Boyanup Public Open Space Strategy October 2011
Boyanup Transport Infrastructure Study June 2015
Capel Capel Townsite Strategy October 2009
Capel Townsite Transport Study July 2011
Capel Townsite Public Open Space Strategy February 2011
Capel Townsite District Water Management Strategy May 2013
Peppermint Grove Beach Peppermint Grove Beach Land Use Strategy July 2013
Peppermint Grove Beach Management Plan April 2010