Jamieson Road Footbridge Remediation Work

Jamieson Road Footbridge Remediation Work

Remediation works on the Jamieson Road Footbridge commenced Wednesday 13 May. This project is part of the 2019-20 capital works program. The works include:

  • Installation of supplementary footings
  • Replacement of stairs, joist, bearers and decking
  • New bracing and handrails
  • Timber treatment.
  • The work will take up to 10 weeks to complete.

We will need to close the footbridge from 13 to 20 May and 8 June to mid-August for construction.

Update | 6 August

The major remediation works have been completed. The bridge is now open for public.

The contractor will return on 24 August 2020 to undertake the remaining works which include the bike rack, railing adjustment, timber

Update | 15 July

The footbridge is closed for deck remediation works.

We will re-open the bridge for limited use (school start and end) from 27 July.

Works should be finished by late July dependent on weather.

Update | 18 June

The Footbridge is now temporarily open for public use – please exercise caution when crossing the bridge.

We’ve recently installed new footings and currently installing new bracings.

The bridge will be closed again during the school holidays to undertake the remaining remediation works.

Update | 26 May

The first stage of remediation work is now complete. The footbridge is open until 29 May 2020.

We will close the footbridge from1 June to 3 July to complete the second phase of works.