Ross River Virus Warning

The Health Department has reported increase numbers of Ross River Virus in the South West.

There a high number of infected mosquitos being detected though our adult mosquito trapping program.

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We’re committed to providing you with a safe and healthy lifestyle. Our health services are a multi-disciplinary team committed to protecting public health.

We deliver a wide range of public health services by managing health risks to the community using a range of approaches, including monitoring for noise, air and water quality, smoke and pest control.

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Public health

The Public Health Act 2016 requires each local government to produce a public health plan that applies to its local district. A Local plan must be consistent with the State public health plan released in 2019 whilst responding to local public health risks.

Environmental health

Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors that can potentially affect health. 

Mosquito management

Mosquito management is a critical part of health management.

Safe water

We monitor drinking water in areas not connected to scheme water and monitor recreational water quality.

Waste water

Wastewater disposal systems – approval of septics, ATU’s and greywater systems, and complaint investigation.

Infectious disease control

 Notifiable and infectious disease investigation

Hazardous materials

 asbestos and contaminated sites



Here’s some information you’ll need to know if you’re running a business.

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Pollution can take many forms and can potentially have a negative effect on our health.


Our public health team can help manage neighbourhood noise, investigate complaints, and take steps as appropriate.

Air quality

Air quality affects our health, the liveability of our cities and towns, and our environment.

Having problems with ongoing noise or wood smoke?

We recommend you:

  1. Approach your neighbour to politely and respectfully explain how it is affecting you
  2. Try to come to a ‘win-win’ resolution – for instance, your neighbour may be able to continue the activity creating noise, perhaps for a shorter duration or at a time more convenient to you.

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