Reduce Your Waste

Reduce Your Waste

Why reduce the amount of waste going to landfill

Each Australian family generates enough waste in one year to fill up a medium sized backyard swimming pool.

Most of this waste goes into landfill – holes in the ground filled with rubbish that can pollute our environment including our soil, groundwater and waterways.

When we throw away our wastes we’re also throwing away valuable materials like plastic, metals and cardboard, which often require a lot of energy, water and other resources to produce.

Putrescible wastes, such as food scraps, garden waste, paper and cardboard, rot away in landfill and generate substantial amounts of greenhouse gases over many years.

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How to reduce the waste from your household

• Avoid buying products with lots of packaging
• Buy good quality, longer lasting products
• Only buy as much as you need and things you really need
• Repair products instead of throwing them away.

• Sell or giveaway items that are still in reasonable condition using Gumtree or local buy and sell websites
• Donate furniture, clothes, books and other household goods to Op Shops.

• Use your wheelie bins to recycle cardboard, paper, glass, plastic, food scraps and garden waste
• Take scrap metal, waste oil, white goods, electronic waste, rubble, scrap timber, tyres and old car batteries to the Capel Waste Transfer Station
• Use recycling services provided by supermarkets and other shops.

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For more information

Click here to find out what you can recycle through your recycling and organics wheelie bins.

Click here for information on things you can recycle at the Capel Waste Transfer Station.

To find other local recycling services, e.g. for plastic shopping bags, unwanted clothes or old mobile phones, check Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You website.

For more information on ways to reduce waste in your household have a look at the waste section on the Your Energy Savings website.