The Shire’s Environmental Health Officers deal with a range of nuisances and health concerns.  Nuisances are often caused by noise, dust, odour or wood smoke.

The key role of Health Services is to protect the health and well-being of our community.


If you are currently experiencing a dust issue and wish to submit a formal complaint, please contact the Shire’s Health Services on 9727 0222.


If you have a complaint about neighbourhood noise you can contact the Environmental Health Officers who are authorised to deal with noise issues under the provisions of the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulation 1997. Officers are not on permanent call so if there are problems at night such as noisy parties or people your complaint should be referred to the Police. Complaints about barking dogs should be referred to the Shire of Capel Rangers Services.

Click here to download the Noise Complaint Form.This form cannot be used for dog complaints.


There are various causes of odour.  Some are the result of natural decay, whereas others are caused by commercial or industrial processes.  Some odours can be a general nuisance whilst others can present a real risk to human health.

If you are experiencing odour issues, please contact the Shire’s Health Services on 9727 0222.

Wood smoke

Wood smoke is a common issue during winter time.  It is important for the owners of wood heaters to operate them correctly to prevent excessive smoke for neighbours.

Keep in mind that the particulates from smoke can cause minor to severe issues for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions.

If you have an issue with smoke from a neighbour’s wood fire, please the Shire’s Health Services.

The Department of Environment Regulation has produced the following information sheets relevant to wood smoke: