When is burning off allowed?

Please visit our ‘Fire Restrictions’ page for the full details

How do I go about getting a crossover installed?

Although a crossover is located within the road reserve it is the responsibility of the property owner to construct and maintain it.

The Shire will subsidise the cost of the first crossover to a property based on the cost of a standard crossover as determined by the Shire. To be eligible to a subsidy the owner must submit a crossover application for assessment and construct the crossover to the Shire’s requirements.

There are restrictions on the location and size of crossovers and the Shire has the authority to order the removal of any unauthorised crossovers.

Please make further enquiries to the Shire on 08 9727 0222.

Can the Shire mow my verge?

The road reserve is under the care, control and management of Council, but is owned by the Crown. Due to the large areas involved in verges the Shire appreciates the assistance of property owners in maintaining these areas.

If you wish to make further enquiries please contact the Shire on 08 9727 0222 or complete a customer request online.

My road needs grading – How do I get this done?

The Shire has a full time grader that continually maintains gravel roads within the Shire on an ongoing grading program. Once a customer request is received the works supervisor will visit the road and assess the grading requirement and will make contact with you regarding the outcome.

Please complete a customer request online.

Can you prune my street tree?

If you wish to make an enquiry regarding street trees that:

  • Interfere or conflict with public utility services such as power lines
  • You feel are unhealthy or appear to be dangerous or
  • May present a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists or motor vehicle

Please contact the Shire on 08 9727 0222 or complete a customer request online.

Power lines and trees – contact Western Power – 13 10 87

What approval do I need for a Dividing Fence?

A dividing fence is a ‘sufficient fence’ (see definition in link below) that separates the land of different owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or in a line other than the common boundary.

The Dividing Fences Act 1961 (the Act) combines with local government by-laws to regulate the erection and maintenance of dividing fences in Western Australia.

The Act provides a process for sharing costs between neighbours, the determination of boundaries and a mechanism for courts to deal with disputes over dividing fences.

It does not apply to retaining walls, fence height restrictions or encroachments.

If you think that retaining may be required, or a fence is located in the ‘front setback area’ of a residential area ( which is not a ‘dividing fence’) you should contact the Shire of Capel to discuss.

The Department of Commerce has produced a useful guide.  When accessing the link below ‘scroll down’ to the bottom of the page to download the document.


For other Dividing fences and other boundary issues, please check out the useful guide from Legal Aid



Who do I contact if my bin is stolen or damaged?

You need to contact the Police to report it stolen and get a report number and then contact the Shire 97270222 or info@capel.wa.gov.au and advise:

Which bin has been stolen (i.e. organics, general or recycling bin) and provide the police report number
Property address for replacement bin

If the bin has been damaged or is missing contact the Shire to report it and request a replacement bin.