Fact or faction

Fact or faction

What happens when you mix a bunch of authors, an aerial acrobatic movie consultant, a Professor of Pharmacology, a singer-songwriter, a cartoonist and STEAM subject experts?

You get the Fact or Faction readers and writers Festival thanks to the Shire of Capel. With a range of special guests, it’s a week of free talks, workshops and events, all live from your living room.

August 16 to August 21.

Flying with Witches: Aerial Stunt Doubling with Michele Laine

Our first event of the week is an online talk featuring Michele Laine. Michele will present a talk including a Q&A session all about her experience in the Film Industry.

The Art of Poetry and Song Writing

Join mother-daughter duo Mary Myfanwy and Sarah Evans for this interactive workshop as they explore the art of writing songs, lyrics and poetry.

Cartoon School Workshop

James will conduct a hands-on and interactive workshop which will provide students with the tools and confidence to draw fantastic cartoons no matter what their ability.

Go behind the scene and learn the creative processes, then join James for some interactive drawing.

Cartoons & Comics with James Foley

James will conduct a hands-on and interactive workshop which will provide you with the tools and confidence to draw cartoons and comics like a pro.

My Journey and Mental Health with Josh Langley

Join Josh as he talks about his lives journey from childhood experiences to adult learnings.

Josh will share stories about mental health, as he has experienced childhood trauma, dissociative amnesia and diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder.

Adventures of Dr Bob Longmore

Join Bob on his adventurous tale through his life journey and learnings growing up in the wilds of Tyneside, Manchester and the life-changing move for him and his family to Perth Western Australia.

A Head of STEAM – The Power of Culture, Language and Resilience

This culmination event between The Shire of Capel, South West Women’s Health and Information Center and Edith Cowen University will feature a night of powerful and inspirational women sharing their leanings and experiences with culture, language and resilience.

Featuring guest speakers Sara Storm, Amanda Bell, Assel Tayah and Charmaine Councillor.

With an opportunity for networking and learning this event will be an initiative and inspirational evening for all.