Beaches, forest, open spaces, exquisite flora and an abundance of fauna along with wine and fresh produce – the Shire of Capel has it all.

If you enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of nature, then make Capel your destination.  See the cormorants skimming waves, joeys in pouches and the pied oyster catcher feeding on the waters edge, be amazed when you look up amongst the tallest tuarts in the world, or catch sight of the spider orchards and kangaroo paws.  Feel the adrenalin of riding the surf or landing that fish!  Be lost in the charm of yesteryear, and the stillness of remembering all that is old.

Pack a picnic basket and don’t forget to include the wine, cheese and fresh produce as you discover and explore the variety of localities within this incredible shire.  Peppermint Grove Beach, Dalyellup, Gelorup, Boyanup and Capel are just waiting to share their secrets with you, so why not make them your next place to visit.