Rates Information

Owning property in the Shire of Capel requires the payment of rates each year.  Your rates provide Council with the revenue needed to manage all the services and facilities which make the Shire of Capel a great place to live.

Rates are issued by the Shire each financial year and are mailed out around July / August each year.

Each year Council advertises and encourages comments about its proposed differential rates from the annual budgeting process.  Ratepayers are encouraged to take the opportunity to read and comment on the proposed rates.

2020/21 Differential Rates

At its Ordinary Council Meeting of 24 June 2020, Council has endorsed a 0% increase in the differential rate in the dollar, the minimum rate and the specified area rate for Dalyellup Parks and reserves for the 2020-21 financial year. The endorsed rates are detailed below.

Zone Rate Category Basis 2020-21 Endorsed rate in the dollar Minimum Rate
1 Residential GRV 9.2069 $1,385.00
2 Residential Vacant GRV 13.7171 $1,385.00
3 Urban Development GRV 9.2069 $1,385.00
4 Urban Development Vacant GRV 13.7171 $1,385.00
5 Town Centre GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
6 Town Centre/Special Use/Light Industry Vacant GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
7 Light Industry GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
8 Commercial Use Urban Development GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
9 Special Use GRV 7.6735 $1,385.00
10 Rural & land Use (Rural Commercial) UV 0.5077 $1,385.00
11 Rural & land Use (Rural) UV 0.5077 $1,385.00
12 Special Rural GRV 8.0150 $1,385.00
Specified Area RatingBasis2020-21 Endorsed rate in the dollar Minimum Rate
Specified Area Rate for Dalyellup Parks & Reserves Maintenance
Purpose: Maintenance of Parks and Reserves in Dalyellup
GRV4.9605 cents
(to a maximum of $192.49 Per Assessment)

How council rates are calculated

Land value is an important basis of the rating system. The WA Valuer General’s Office independently values your land, and Council uses these values to structure rate payments. The amount of rates paid on individual properties will vary according to the Gross Rental Valuation (GRV) set by the Valuer General’s Office.

Revenue collected from property rates represents approximately 32% of Council’s revenue. The amount to be collected from rates is the balance of Council’s expenditure requirement, less other revenues from fees, charges, grants, borrowings and transfers.

After determining this expenditure requirement Council decides the Shire’s rate income by setting a rate in the dollar to be levied against all properties, based on the Valuer General’s values.

How and when GRV is caluclated

Gross Rental Value (GRV) example

Pensioner/Seniors Concession

Pensioners who hold a Seniors Card, Commonwealth Health Seniors Card and/or Pension Concession Card and lived at the property as at 1 July may be eligible to claim a rebate of up to 50% on their rates and Emergency Services Levy or be eligible to defer payment of their rates.  For more information please contact the Rates department on 9727 0222.

Late Payment Interest

Council has resolved that an annual interest charge of 10% be applied on all overdue rates, which will start accruing after the due date of annual rates, instalments and interim rates.  Interest will continue to accrue until the outstanding amount is paid.

Outstanding Rates

Rate accounts that remain outstanding after the due date will be recovered with legal action.  Where such action is instigated ALL costs incurred by Council will be added to the outstanding rates balance.

Ratepayers who are experiencing difficulty in paying rates and charges should contact Council’s Rates department as soon as they receive their Rate notice to discuss a payment arrangement to avoid unnecessary and costly legal action.