Nominating Candidates

About local government elections

Local government elections have an important role in Western Australia’s democratic system. This year’s elections are on Saturday 19 October 2019.

Elected Members are elected for a term of four years in Western Australia. We hold elections every two years for half the council and candidates are elected using the first past the post voting system.

First past the post voting system

The first past the post system allows voters to vote for their preferred candidate/s up to the number of positions available.

The result of an election is determined by counting the number of votes received by each candidate in the count.

Enrol to vote

If you would like to vote in the local government elections, you must be enrolled to vote.

If you think you are already enrolled, you can check your enrollment and confirm your details.

How to vote

Voting in a local government election is not compulsory in Western Australia, however, we encourage all to have their say and vote.

You will receive an election package from the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) by mail about three weeks before voting day. The WAEC will commence lodging voting packages with Australia Post on Friday 20 September. The package includes a ballot paper and instructions on how to vote.

Your vote can be posted back to the WAEC any time, however, must be received by 6.00pm on election day. You can also bring your completed vote to the Shire of Capel Offices from 20 September.

If you cannot complete a postal vote, you can vote in person on election day at the Shire of Capel Administration building in Roe Road, Capel. The polling place will be open from 8.00am to 6.00pm on Saturday 19 October.

Stand for council

Local government elections take place on Saturday 19 October. Candidates running for council have from 5 to 12 September to lodge a nomination.

Candidates nominating for a local government election can refer to Local Government Candidates guidelines on the WA Electoral Commission website for information about nomination applications.

This year there are five council vacancies.