Agenda & Minutes 2019

Agenda & Minutes 2019

Council Meetings 2019

Council meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month. The meetings commence at 4.30pm in the Council Chambers and are open to members of the public.

All agendas and minutes are in PDF format.

To submit a question, petition or information on presentations and deputations visit the council page here.





27 February 2019Agenda (PDF 1.6MB)Attachments (PDF 8.3MB)Minutes Confirmed
(PDF 1.6MB)
27 March 2019Agenda (PDF 1.7MB)Attachments (PDF 13MB)Minutes Confirmed
(PDF 1.7MB)
24 April 2019Agenda (PDF 1.7MB)Attachments (PDF 19MB)Minutes Confirmed
(PDF 2.5MB)
22 May 2019Agenda (PDF 989KB)Attachments (PDF 5.4MB)Minutes Confirmed
(PDF 919KB)
17 June 2019 Special Council MeetingAgenda and Attachments (PDF 253KB) Minutes (PDF 274KB) Confirmed
21 June 2019 Special Council MeetingAgenda and Attachments (PDF 1.6MB) Minutes (PDF 1.67MB) Confirmed
26 June 2019Agenda (PDF 1MB)Attachments (PDF 6MB)Minutes (PDF 1MB) Confirmed
24 July 2019Agenda (PDF 1.1MB)

Minutes (PDF 1.04MB)  Confirmed
28 August 2019Agenda (PDF 798KB)Attachments (PDF 7.5MB)
 Attachment 1 to item 15.1 (PDF 6MB)
 Minutes (PDF 8MB)
25 September 2019   
23 October 2019   
27 November 2019   
18 December 2019