Business Integrity

The Shire of Capel recently reviewed and updated its Code of Conduct. The two previous Codes, one for Councillors and one for staff have now been amalgamated and updated to reflect changes in legislation and statutory requirements since the last review.

The Code provides Councillors, Committee members and Employees of the Shire of Capel with consistent guidelines for an acceptable standard of professional conduct. It addresses the broader issue of ethical responsibility and encourages transparency and accountability.

The Code provides clear guidelines for the standards of behaviour and ethical and accountable decision-making expected in our dealings with each other and the community.

During the Code of Conduct review process, the Shire of Capel also developed a Statement of Business Ethics. This document was endorsed by Council in July 2017 and provides guidance for all sectors of the community when conducting business with the Shire of Capel. It outlines the Shire’s ethical standards and makes clear the expectation that suppliers and contractors will comply with these standards in all their dealings with the Shire. This Statement also outlines what suppliers and contractors can expect from the Shire of Capel.