The Council is the governing body of a local government and consists of elected members.  The role of the Council is defined as follows:

  • To direct and control the local governments’ affairs
  • To be responsible for the performance of the local governments’ functions
  • To oversee the allocation of the finances and determine the Policies

The Council consists of nine Councillors including the President who represent the whole Shire.  There are no wards in the Shire as Council resolved to dispense with wards prior to the 2001 elections.

Councillors are elected for a four year term.  They are eligible for re-election and there is no restriction on the number of terms a Councillor may serve.  The President and Deputy President are elected every two years after the Council elections in October.

The Annual Electors’ Meeting is held each year between November – February at the Shire of Capel Council Chambers, after the monthly Council Meeting and generally commencing at 7.00pm. (Date and time of the meeting will be advertised)