Council Meeting 25 March

Council Meeting 25 March

The health and safety of all community members is a primary concern for the Shire of Capel. This necessarily means non-essential public meetings will not be held and alternative arrangements will be designed to maintain public information. To comply with Government guidelines and ensure the staff and councillors of the Shire of Capel can meet these obligations, the following will be implemented:

  • The Council meeting 25 March 2020 will be adjourned to the next ordinary meeting; there will be no public meeting and no decisions made; all reports for consideration by Council will be delayed to that meeting;
  • Any questions submitted for this meeting will be answered directly by officers or re-tabled as agreed with the person lodging the question;
  • The Council meeting for April 2020 is proposed to be held remotely – in accordance with new regulations this will allow councillors to use technology to participate in the meeting; the participation of the public in such a meeting is being examined – please continue to monitor the shire website for further news on this.

Visit our COVID-19 page for regular updates about the shire’s response to this public health issue.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Ian McCabe
Chief Executive Officer
25 March 2020