Council in Brief – July

Council in Brief – July

14.1 14.1 Development Application – Reception Centre (Use Not Listed)

Council supported the officer’s recommendation to refuse the development approval for a Reception Centre at Lot 802 Tuart Drive, Ludlow which currently operates as a Turf Farm. The proposed plan was for a development in the southeastern corner of the site, which overlooked a neighbouring properties dam. It was deemed inappropriate and incompatible for the Rural Zoned area given the environmental and social impacts and locality of the development. 

14.2 Extractive Industry – Lot 677 and 679 Calinup Road, Gelorup

Council granted a temporary Development Approval, subject to conditions, for Industry- Extractive, of sand from Lots 677 and 679 Calinup Road, Gelorup, and Extractive Industry Licence (EIL) renewal for a period of five years, subject to conditions.

14.3 Municipal Inventory of Heritage Places Review (Heritage Survey) and Local Planning Policy (LPP) 6.29 – Heritage Places

Following a 2015 review of the 1999 Shire of Capel Municipal Heritage Inventory and a subsequent assessment of that review, Council adopted the 2018 Shire of Capel Local Government Heritage Survey, Heritage List and Local Planning Policy 6.29 – Heritage Places (Policy).

14.4 Road Closure – section of unmade road reserve between Lot 396 and Lot 4506 Joshua Creek Road, Boyanup

Council approved the permanent closure of the relevant section of unmade road reserve, between Lot 396 and Lot 4506 Joshua Creek Road, Boyanup. 

14.5 Norton Promenade – Handover of Dalyellup Estate Entrance Road Landscaping

Satterley Property Group requested the Shire take over the care and control of the Norton Promenade landscaping at the entrance to the Dalyellup Estate including verges, medians and lake roundabout. Council refused to accept the care and control of the landscaping, which would include $99,060.00 in the 2018/19 financial year budget for the purpose of maintenance.

15.2 Draft Budget 2018 – 19

Council adopted the draft Budget for 2018-19, which includes the expenditure for the revised 5 year Path Program, revised 7 year Road Program, 2 year Drainage Program of Works and 10 year Plant Replacement Plan. Council considered and approved the draft Capital Works Program of $10,385,801 to be spent on the acquisition and construction of office equipment, plant, buildings and infrastructure assets.

16.1 Dog Act – “Stop Puppy Farming – Local Government Consultation Paper”

The State Government recently released a public Consultation Paper explaining its commitment to introduce laws to:

  • Stop puppy farming and the supply chains that support this industry;
  • Improve the health and welfare of dogs in Western Australia; and
  • Stop the overbreeding of dogs.

WALGA, together with Local Government Professionals WA, are members of the Ministerial Working Group overseeing the Stop Puppy Farming initiative and have promoted the view that the Local Government sector should be the subject of a consultation process separate to the public consultation process. Council endorsed the positions expressed in the “Stop Puppy Farming – Local Government Consultation Paper.”

Ian McCabe

Chief Executive Officer

Shire of Capel