Council in Brief – August

13.1 Chief Executive Officer’s Report

This report is prepared by the Chief Executive Officer to provide Council and the Community with information about CEO activities and the operations of the Shire in meeting the Mission of the local government. Council accepted the report.

15.1 Adoption of Budget and Differential Rates for 2018-19

The 2018/19 budget was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Council meeting on 22 August 2018. A 6 per cent increase in the rate in the dollar across all property categories was endorsed. Major works and projects in the Shire to be delivered in the 2018/19 budget include:

  • $10.4 million dollar capital works program with no new loan borrowings, including a roads program of more than $1.9 million to address road reconstruction and Black Spot program sites, gravel re-sheeting and bitumen and asphalt re-seals;
  • $0.6 million for heavy plant and vehicles;
  • $0.5 million for the upgrade of Boyanup sports facilities;
  • $0.5 million for emergency services vehicles;
  • $0.2 million for asset improvements;
  • $0.2 million for footpaths;
  • $0.2 million drainage improvements;
  • $0.1 million for trails; and
  • $0.1 million in information technology improvements.

14.1 Tender 18/02 – Construction of Capel Civic Precinct (Stage 4) – Youth & Community Facility

This item was deferred to a Special Council Meeting held on Friday, 24 August. Council did not accept the tender from BGC Construction Pty Ltd for $5,214,578 including GST as detailed in Tender 18/02 Construction of Capel Civic Precinct Stage 4. It is important to note that an individual construction tender was declined by Council and not the project itself. There are pricing pressures to aspects of the construction project and Council is endeavouring to meet the requirements of Government funders and minimise the exposure of ratepayers. Consequently, Council has asked staff to review aspects of the construction and provide a report to Council.

14.2 Development Application – Telecommunications Facility

Council approved the development of a Telecommunications Facility at Lot 18 Ilmenite Crescent, Capel. The mobile base facility proposed by Visionstream will form part of Telstra’s NextG network and supply mobile and broadband wireless internet. The approval of this development is in accordance with State Planning Policy and the Town Planning Scheme. It has a low visual impact and will deliver beneficial services to the community in Capel and surrounding areas. This development is market driven by mobile and internet services and considered close to essential services. Telstra is a market-driven commercial enterprise.

16.1 Boyanup Hardcourts Redevelopment – CSRFF

Council allocated a contribution, from the already budgeted $491,461, of $133,334 (ex GST) from the Boyanup Recreation Facilities Budget towards the Boyanup Hardcourts Redevelopment project to be undertaken in 2018/19. Council accepted that the Boyanup Hardcourts Redevelopment was well planned and needed in the community.