Council in Brief – April 2019

Council in Brief – April 2019

Infrastructure and Development decisions included:

  • Bed and Breakfast 12 Hope Street Dalyellup;
  • Freestanding illuminated sign at the corner of Norton Promenade and Bussell Hwy Dalyellup;
  • Condition clearance for a Dalyellup Town Square;
  • Fees and charges for pool inspection programme;
  • Policy decisions for restricted access vehicles and public health priorities;
  • Transfer of land to WA Police for the purpose of Capel police station.

Community and Corporate decisions included:

  • Updates to the long term financial plan 2018 – 2034;
  • Fees and charges for 2019/20;
  • Community Requests and donations 2019/20.

The Minutes of the meeting including the CEO’s monthly report; financial reports; and public questions are available via the Shire website; at Shire of Capel public libraries; or on request.

Chief Executive Officer