Council agrees to changes at recent Special Meeting

Council agrees to changes at recent Special Meeting

Capel Shire President Michael Southwell says he is pleased with the outcome of Monday’s Special Meeting of Council, with some important decisions made by Council.

Cr Southwell said the most significant move was the Council resolution calling on officers to come up with a draft budget for 2020/21 incorporating no net increase in Rates.

“In the current poor economic climate and time of low inflation and wages growth it is time to take pressure off home-owners,” he said.

“In my reasons for moving the motion, I told Council that in a Budget dealing with almost $20million, I believe savings can be found by reviewing operations.”

The President also successfully introduced motions to make Council proceedings more accessible and accountable, with a later start time of 6pm, a trial of audio recording of meetings and noting the names of councillors and their votes in the Minutes, rather than a numerical record of voting.

“These are simple and inexpensive measures which many other councils in WA already have,” he explained.

Finally, Council agreed it would acknowledge the Gelorup corridor’s value in terms of environment and heritage and advise the State Government that it was not a suitable route for the BORR freeway.

Cr Southwell said the meeting showed Council was prepared to make changes which had been flagged by candidates who were recently endorsed by the community at the Local Government elections.