In response to our ageing population, the Shire of Capel developed an Age Friendly Communities Plan to identify how age-friendly it is, what barriers to ageing exist and how these can be addressed. A number of recommendations and a Strategies & Implementation Plan were developed and adopted by Council in March 2011. One of the recommendations was to review the Age Friendly Communities Strategic Plan every two years, and this review commenced in November 2013. Seventy-two valid surveys were completed and focus group workshops were conducted for the main localities in the Shire to further explore the barriers to an age-friendly shire and how these barriers can be addressed.

The Age Friendly Communities Strategic Plan 2015 analyses these experiences and suggests recommendations that will be useful for future planning. A Strategies and Implementation Plan with objectives and actions was developed to guide Council’s decision making in ensuring the Shire of Capel develops as an age-friendly community. This Plan was adopted by Council in January 2015.

Age Friendly Communities Strategic Plan

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