Operating Practice & Procedure

The purpose of this Operating Practice & Procedure (OP & P) is to –

  • Outline the Shire’s approach to the implementation of the regulatory framework controlling parking/traffic, dogs/cats, fire management, litter, camping and related management of local government property (all of which are matters primarily handled by the Shire’s Community Ranger Services);
  • Supplement relevant requirements, direction and advice already set out in the Shire’s ‘Compliance Policy’ and relevant Acts, Regulations, Local Laws and/or other relevant documents; and
  • Provide transparent, consistent and accountable guidance and processes associated with implementing the relevant regulatory framework, including decisions to issue work orders and infringements, pursue prosecution and respond to requests for withdrawal/cessation of work orders, infringements, prosecution and/or to respond to external reviews of decisions, i.e. in court or with the State Administrative Tribunal.

The OP & P has been reviewed by the Executive Management Team and was adopted on 19th September 2017.

The OP & P, as well as providing guidance for Shire staff, also provides guidance to the community on our roles in enforcing legislation as well as the appeals process, including circumstances where infringement notices will, may or will not be withdrawn.

Community Ranger Services OP & P