Report a Crime

Report a Crime

When Do I Call 000

  • For all emergencies including Police, Fire & Ambulance
  • For urgent Police attendance
  • Where life or property is threatened or in danger

When Do I Call 131 444

  • For non-urgent Police attendance
  • To have a Police report obtained for offences committed against yourself
  • For all other Police Inquiries not of an urgent nature

When Do I Call 1800 333 000 (Crimestoppers)

  • To report suspicious behaviour or activity (non-urgent)
  • To report persons believed to have committed an offence
  • To supply information which may lead to the arrest of an offender

What Crime Stoppers does….

Your anonymity is guaranteed and we encourage you to report what you know.

What kind of information should callers provide?

  • Any information about criminal activity either current or in the past;
  • To be effectively investigated, this information should include things like:
    • The names, address and vehicle registrations of offenders?
    • Details of the crime – date, time place?
    • Where did they get their information, how they know their information is true?
    • Are there any vicious dogs / any firearms / weapons etc?
    • Where is the property / drugs hidden?
    • How many people live at the residence?
    • Do they work – if so – Where? When?

Crimestoppers Notepads

WA Police, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch and Crimestoppers have produced notepads for reporting suspicious behaviour/activity to Crimestoppers.  You simply fill out the top and bottom pages with all the information you have, then scan the pages and email them to

Alternatively, you can take the notepad into a Shire Library and they will scan and email it to Crimestoppers free of charge.

Crimestoppers receives anonymous information about crime and allocates it to the most appropriate Police group to respond to it or use it to assist with investigations.  It is not expected that callers put themselves at risk to obtain such details.  These notepads are available from the Shire Administration Building and all Shire Libraries.