Neighbourhood Watch

Community Safety-1Neighbourhood Watch is a community engagement program that is supported by the Shire of Capel and Police.  The aim is to create safe communities and to bring people together to build community spirit and a sense of responsibility between neighbours.  Basically, it encourages neighbours to get to know one another, look out for one another and report suspicious behaviour.  For example, you may see someone suspicious walking around your neighbour’s yard.  You know they don’t live there and have never seen them before so you jot down their gender, height, hair colour and length, their build, complexion and the clothes they are wearing.  You then pass this information onto your neighbour, and if the person was not meant to be there your neighbour has valuable information to pass onto the Police as a result of your neighbourly support.

Crime prevention is everybody’s responsibility and as a program we need representation from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures and all genders.  Please contact the Shire on 9727 0222 or email if you are interested in becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch.  Please note that attendance at meetings is not compulsory and you will still receive a copy of the minutes of all meetings.  The main objective is to get to know your neighbours and to look out for one another.  Another benefit of becoming a member of Neighbourhood Watch is that you receive a number of stickers to put up around your home.  Research shows that offenders are generally deterred from breaking into homes that have Neighbourhood Watch stickers around the home.  They would prefer to target the next street down the road that doesn’t have any Neighbourhood Watch stickers.