The Shire of Capel has two cemeteries.  Capel Cemetery which is located on Urquhart Road, Capel and Boyanup Cemetery located on Payne Street, Boyanup.

Boyanup Cemetery

As you travel into Boyanup from Bunbury along South Western Highway, turn right into Payne Street just before the railway line.  The Boyanup cemetery is located approximately 600 metres along Payne Street on your right.

cemetery map

Capel Cemetery

As you travel south towards Capel from Bunbury along Bussell Highway, on your left you will pass Yeardy Road, then cross a small bridge over Gynudup Brook.  The next road on your left is Bentley Drive, turn left here, then left into Urquhart Road which will take you to the Capel cemetery.

Each cemetery contains a Niche wall. Boyanup Niche wall only caters for single plaques, whilst Capel Niche wall caters for both single and double plaques.

All monumental works must be approved by the Shire of Capel prior to placement in the Cemetery.

Please contact the Shire’s Customer Service team on 9727 0222, who can assist with all enquiries relating to:

  • Reservation of a burial plot;
  • Reservation of a Niche wall place;
  • Placement of Ashes; and
  • Plaque orders for Niche walls.

The Shire has access to some historical burial records.  If you wish to search these records, please email us at info@capel.wa.gov.au and include details such as the full name of the person you are looking for and date/year of death and staff will get in touch with you.

Further information is available in the Capel and Boyanup Public Cemeteries Local Laws


NOTE:  These registries are not compiled or maintained by the Shire, therefore we cannot guarantee that the listings on the above pages are accurate.