Animals & Pets

With such a varied mix of residential and rural properties within our Shire , we have an assorted mix of animals, with many properties housing horses and cattle, as well as domestic pets like cats and dogs.  This makes responsible pet ownership essential.


Dogs over the age of three months are required to be registered and micro-chipped with a local government.  Even apart from the law, if you care for your dog, you should register your dog in case it strays and is hurt, sick and/or lost to assist the Rangers in contacting you.  Your dog is required to wear a collar with your name and address attached, as well as a valid registration tag.  It is an offence for your dog not to wear a collar with these tags, and you can be given an on-the-spot fine.


The State Government introduced the Cat Act 2011 on 1 November 2013.  The Act has been prepared to bring the management of domestic cats in line with that of dogs and to enable the control of stray and feral cats within the State.  The Act aims to promote responsible cat ownership, reduce the nuisance to the community caused by cats and limit the damage to and the loss of wildlife caused by cats. All cats over the age of three months must be sterilised, micro-chipped and be registered with the Shire.

If you are having trouble with a neighbours’ cat, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions.  Cat traps  are available to hire from council.

1080 Fox and Feral Cat Baiting

The Department of Parks & Wildlife’s Western Shield 1080 Fox and Feral Cat Baiting Program operates around the state, and in various locations throughout the Shire of Capel. Please see the below information brochure for more information about the program.

Pet Owners Beware Brochure

Wildlife and Snakes

The Wildcare Helpline is a 24/7 state-wide service providing advice regarding how to assist injured wildlife and provide contact details for wildlife carers, they can also provide advice on snakes and provide contact numbers for snake removal.