Committees and Electors

Committees and Electors

Minutes for the Committee meetings can be found below in PDF format.

About Council Committees (PDF 315KB)

Audit Committee Meeting

26 August 2020Agenda (PDF 3.4MB)Minutes (PDF 368KB)
19 March 2020Agenda (PDF 80KB)Minutes (PDF 232KB)
27 November 2019Agenda (PDF 103KB)Minutes (PDF 387KB)
24 July 2019Agenda (PDF 3.9KB)Minutes (PDF 208KB)
27 February 2019Minutes (PDF 131KB)
28 November 2018 Minutes (PDF 131KB)
27 June 2018 Minutes (PDF 244KB) 
28 February 2018 Minutes (PDF 152KB)
22 November 2017 Minutes (PDF 416KB) 
26 July 2017 Minutes (PDF 99KB)
22 February 2017 Minutes (PDF 112KB)

Bush Fire Advisory Committee Meetings

9 September 2020Agenda (PDF 279KB)Minutes (PDF 269KB)
23 June 2020Agenda (PDF 387KB)Minutes (PDF 433KB)
11 February 2020Agenda & Attachments (PDF 8MB)Minutes (PDF 314KB)
5 August 2019Agenda (PDF 608KB) 
Attachments (PDF 3.9MB)
Minutes (PDF 491KB)
20 May 2019Minutes (PDF 522KB)
18 February 2019Minutes (PDF 328KB)
6 August 2018Minutes (PDF 189KB)
14 May 2018 Special BFACMinutes (PDF 186KB)
12 February 2018Minutes (PDF 1.13MB)
7 August 2017Minutes (PDF 728KB)
6 February 2017Minutes (PDF 232KB)

Climate Change Adaptation & Sustainability Committee Meetings

26 February 2020 Agenda & Attachments (PDF 410KB) Minutes (87KB)
22 May 2019Minutes (PDF 419KB) 
28 November 2018Minutes (PDF 59KB)
26 April 2018Minutes (PDF 127KB)
26 April 2017Minutes (PDF 138KB)

Electors’ Meetings

12 February 2020Agenda (PDF 213KB)Minutes (PDF 360KB)
18 October 2019Agenda (PDF 1MB)Minutes (PDF 66KB)
19 December 2018Minutes (PDF 269KB)
14 September 2018Minutes (PDF 160KB)
28 February 2018Minutes (PDF 105KB)
29 November 2017Minutes (PDF 75KB)
25 January 2017Minutes (PDF 95KB)

Local Emergency Management Committee Meetings

2 September 2020Agenda (PDF 357KB)Minutes & Attachments (PDF 5.6MB)
4 March 2020Agenda (PDF 346KB)Minutes & Attachments (PDF 2.6MB)
4 December 2019Attachments (PDF 8.5MB)Minutes (PDF 470KB)
11 September 2019Agenda (PDF 312KB)
Attachments (PDF 2.2MB)
Minutes (PDF 2.9MB)
5 June 2019Minutes (PDF 1.3MB)
6 March 2019Minutes (PDF 8.4MB)
5 December 2018Minutes (PDF 298KB)
13 June 2018Minutes (PDF 443KB)
7 March 2018Minutes (PDF 500KB)
19 December 2017Minutes (PDF 653KB)
1 August 2017Minutes (PDF 48KB)
9 May 2017Minutes (PDF 67KB)
7 February 2017Minutes (PDF 600KB)