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Council in Brief – April 2019

Infrastructure and Development decisions included:

  • Bed and Breakfast 12 Hope Street Dalyellup;
  • Freestanding illuminated sign at the corner of Norton Promenade and Bussell Hwy Dalyellup;
  • Condition clearance for a Dalyellup Town Square;
  • Fees and charges for pool inspection programme;
  • Policy decisions for restricted access vehicles and public health priorities;
  • Transfer of land to WA Police for the purpose of Capel police station.

Community and Corporate decisions included:

  • Updates to the long term financial plan 2018 – 2034;
  • Fees and charges for 2019/20;
  • Community Requests and donations 2019/20.

The Minutes of the meeting including the CEO’s monthly report; financial reports; and public questions are available via the Shire website; at Shire of Capel public libraries; or on request.

Chief Executive Officer

Calming the Anxious Mind Workshop

Overcoming anxiety disorders, depression,  and stress can sometimes feel like we are in a war without hope or help at hand. As a community we are not immune to the effects that these conditions can have on our lives and the lives of those around us.

Join Donelle McInerney for an evening of personal transformation and holistic healing to help you learn how to better manage these afflictions on Wednesday, 20 March from 6pm to 7pm at the Dalyellup Community Centre.

You should attend if you answer ”yes” to any of the following:

  • Stress and anxiety is impacting your physical and emotional health
  • You feel stressed all the time and find it hard to ‘switch off’ and relax
  • You feel tired and constantly depleted of energy
  • Your thoughts keep you up at night, you struggle to get good quality sleep or suffer insomnia
  • You suffer panic attacks
  • You struggle to overcome negative thought patterns
  • You have tried traditional therapies and are interested in a more holistic approach
  • You live or support someone who suffers stress, anxiety or depression and would like to learn how to better support them.

Donelle McInerney is a Mental Health & Trauma Informed Practice Trainer, Yoga Therapy for Healing Teacher and a Health & Physical Education Teacher.  Donelle has personally suffered from anxiety disorders for 45 years and is now in recover.

Please RSVP to Donna on 9727 0222 or


Dalyellup Waste Residue Facility Reporting

In response to a community request at the 2018 Annual Electors’ Meeting, annual reports related to the former Dalyellup waste residue facility have been placed on the Shire of Capel website. The Shire of Capel is pleased to be able to respond to this request which presented some technical challenges due to the size of the reports.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) is the regulator for this contaminated site and the landowner is Cristal Pigment Australia Ltd. The purpose of the annual reports is to provide review of a site management plan for the site. The site management plan addresses the identification of potential risks to human and ecological health, the management of those risks and the rehabilitation of the site to endemic vegetation.

The Shire of Capel receives these reports as the local government responsible for planning and land management in the district – it is not a regulator of the site management plan, that is the sole responsibility of DWER and the Department of Health. The reports may be viewed via the Shire of Capel website by navigating to ‘Health and Environment’ and then ‘Environmental Reports’ where links to individual documents can be accessed.


Have you seen any foxes lately?

Have you seen any foxes in your area lately? It is that time of year again when we ask residents to report fox sightings in the Shire.

Please email or call 9727 0222 to report fox sightings.

Capel Police Station Consultation Meeting

WA Police have issued a public notice inviting residents, landowners and businesses to attend a meeting in relation to the proposed Capel police station.

Capel Shire Council President Murray Scott said the Capel police station is a State Government election commitment, therefore the Council is only involved in the land tenure arrangements and the provision of planning advice.

Mr Scott said WA Police had identified the Crown Reserve at 23 Spurr St (lot 30930) Capel as the preferred site.

The community is invited to learn more about the design and operations of the proposed station by attending a consultation meeting at the Capel Community Centre at 5.30pm on Thursday 21 February 2019.

More details about the meeting or to submit your questions to WA Police email – these questions will be discussed at the meeting.