Cash for Containers

Cash for Containers

We’re back with WALGA and Watch Your Waste South West for this one-off Container Deposit Scheme event. Bring your eligible containers to the Boyanup Farmers Market on 26 July for a 10c refund.

Eligible containers
The scheme targets beverage containers most commonly seen as litter.

We will accept:
✔️ beverage cans
✔️ plastic drink containers with lids removed
✔️ glass drink containers with lids removed
✔️ flavoured milk cartons.

For a full list, go to

Containers must be clean, empty and sized between 150ml and 3L. Limit of 200 containers per family/groups. Trailer loads will not be accepted.

Wine bottles, spirit bottles and milk bottles will not be accepted as they aren’t covered by WA’s Container Deposit Scheme.

The Container Deposit Scheme will launch in WA on 1 October 2020.

Please respect others and practice social distancing. If we are busy, please return at a later time.