BEN Signs

BEN Signs

The Shire of Capel has just finished the installation of 10 Beach Emergency Number (BEN) signs on all Shire Beaches.

Shire of Capel beachgoers will now be able to guide responding emergency services staff to their specific location via the use of a Beach Emergency Numbers system.

The Beach Emergency Numbers (BEN) program is a coding system designed to improve emergency incident response times.

Each sign displays a unique code which, when provided to emergency services, gives a specific beach access location information.

The signs provide critical information when emergency services are deployed in the event of shark attacks or other emergencies.

The Shire is encouraging users to take note of the signs and number when visiting the beach.

Users can use the BEN signs in an emergency by dialling triple zero and quoting the unique code and location information on the nearest BEN sign. The signs can also be used to report shark sightings to Water Police on 9442 8600.