Local Area Plans

Local Area Plans

There are a number of plans that apply to specific areas within the Shire of Capel. These are known as either Local Structure Plans, Activity Centre Plans or Local Development Plans.

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Local Structure Plans

A Local Structure Plan (LSP) identifies how land is to be developed and provides a broad framework to guide Council when it considers subdivision and development proposals. In addition to illustrating details such as road configuration and the location of facilities such as shops, schools and public open space, a Local Structure Plan also shows details such as housing density, land use classifications and zones, but it does not control built form.

BoyanupBoyanup East (PDF 12.84MB) Feb 20179 Feb 2027
CapelCapel Central Structure Plan (4.7MB)Dec 2011 19 Oct 2025
Capel Lot 225 & 226 Range Road (PDF 481KB)Aug 2014 19 Oct 2025
Capel Endorsed South East Capel (PDF 1.3MB)
South East Capel (PDF 8.7MB)
Oct 201419 Oct 2025
Capel Portion of Lot 90/91 Vickery Road Elgin (PDF 60KB)Apr 200919 Oct 2025
Capel Loc 871 Goodwood Road & Lot 1181 Hawley Road (PDF 1.2MB)May 200819 Oct 2025
Capel Lot 19 Weld Road (PDF 1MB)Oct 200619 Oct 2025
Capel Lot 2 Prowse Road, Capel LSP (PDF 87.1MB)Jan 201929 Jan 2029
CapelLot 442 Weld Road Capel (PDF 16.6MB)14 Feb 201914 Feb 2029
Dalyellup Beach EstateDalyellup Beach Estate (PDF 1.4MB)
Amendment 13 (PDF 1.2MB)
Feb 201519 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastDalyellup East (PDF 11MB)
Land Use and Implementation Notes (PDF 2.7MB)
Oct 201819 Oct 2025
Dalyellup East Dalyellup Aged Persons Accommodation Site (PDF 6.3MB) Oct 2018 19 Oct 2025
Dalyellup SouthDalyellup South (PDF 9MB)Jan 201822 Nov 2025
GelorupGelorup North West (PDF 2.4MB)Sep 201519 Oct 2025
StrathamLots 11, 12 and 70 Fishermans Road (PDF 1.62MB)Oct 201119 Oct 2025

Activity Centre Plans

An Activity Centre Plan (ACP) guides the types of land uses and the overall development (including built form) within an activity centre such as commercial, retail, higher density housing, or civic precincts, etc. It can detail land use and infrastructure requirements as well as environmental assets, residential density, built form, infrastructure and access arrangements.

Dalyellup District CentreDalyellup District Centre (PDF 4.3MB)
Dalyellup District Centre Addendum Report (PDF 3.3MB)
Appendix 1 Urbis DC Economic Report and Impact Statement (PDF 1.9MB)
Appendix 2 Dalyellup District Centre Transport Assessment (PDF 3.2MB)
Appendix 3 Dalyellup DC Servicing Report (PSD 453KB)
Jun 201219 Oct 2025
GelorupLots 900 &101 Loretta Ave Pt Lots 2 & 901 Bussell Hwy (PDF 1.32MB)Apr 201519 Oct 2025
GelorupLot 104 & Pt Lot 16 Bussell Highway Gelorup (PDF 160KB)Jun 201019 Oct 2025

Local Development Plans

A Local Development Plan (LDP) –is a mechanism used to coordinate and assist in achieving better-built form outcomes by linking lot design to future development. It can facilitate the design and coordination of development upon small and highly constrained lots, and supplement development standards contained within the local planning scheme and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes). They were previously known as Detailed Area Plans (DAPs).

BoyanupMeadowbrooke Lifestyle Estate (PDF 2MB)
Meadowbrooke Lifestyle Estate Design Guidelines (PDF 2.1MB)
Aug 201519 Oct 2025
Dalyellup Beach Estate Dalyellup Beach Estate Stage 4E (PDF 1.4MB)Apr 200919 Oct 2025
Dalyellup Beach Estate Dalyellup Beach Estate Stage 5D (PDF 1.3MB)Apr 2009 19 Oct 2025
Dalyellup Beach Estate Dalyellup Beach Estate Stage 15B/C (PDF 2.4MB)Mar 201519 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastR20 (adjoining POS, etc.), R30 and R40 coded sites (PDF 842KB) Oct-1019 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 2A Lots 523-527 (PDF 1.95MB)Apr 200919 Oct 2025
Dalyellup East Stage 3 Lots 538-542 (PDF 518KB)Oct 201019 Oct 2025
Dalyellup East Stage 4A Lots 295-299 & 324-328 (PDF 601KB)Jun 201419 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 4B Lots 349-351, 360, 875 & 876 (PDF 507KB)Jun 201419 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 6 Forest Edge (PDF 981KB)Jun 20161 Jun 2026
Dalyellup EastStage 18A, B and C (PDF 1.74MB)Apr 200919 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 18D & 18E (PDF 2.46MB)Apr 200919 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 18 Balance (PDF 687KB)Oct 201219 Oct 2025
Dalyellup EastStage 19A (PDF 717KB)Sep 201319 Oct 2025
Dalyellup District CentrePrecincts A, B & D (East) LDP1 (PDF 1MB)Dec 201615 Dec 2026
Dalyellup District CentrePrecinct E and Part D (North) LDP2 (PDF 863KB)Oct 201419 Oct 2025
Dalyellup District CentrePrecinct E (South) LDP3 (PDF 297KB)Oct 20172 Oct 2027
Dalyellup District CentrePrecinct A and D (West) LDP4 (PDF 2MB)Jul 201715 Jul 2027
Dalyellup District CentrePrecinct B LDP5 (PDF 2.67MB)Sep 20178 Sep 2027
Dalyellup District CentrePrecinct B LDP5 (PDF 1.32MB)May 20187 May 2027
GelorupBrackenridge Hills Lots 1 and 10 Bussell Hwy (PDF 2.74MB)Sep 2018n/a
GelorupLot 6, 7 & 8 on D18331, Lot 36 on D64859Feb 2020n/a
Peppermint Grove BeachFmr Lot 9501 Hayfield Drive (PDF 1.15MB)Jun 201519 Oct 2025

Other Area Plans

BoyanupBoyanup Heritage & Rail Precinct Master Plan (PDF 7.5MB)Oct 2014n/a
BoyanupBoyanup Memorial Park Master Plan (PDF 6.38MB)Feb 2013n/a
CapelCapel Civic Precinct Master Plan 2011Nov 2011n/a
CapelCapel Civic Precinct Detailed Landscape Design and Development Plan 2013Apr 2013n/a
StrathamLots 11, 12 and 70 Fishermans Road, Stratham – Land Use and Management Plan (PDF 5.48MB)Sep 2015n/a

Things you should know…

An approved structure plan/activity centre plan/local development plan is valid for 10 years from the date of approval, unless otherwise specified in the approval or another period determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission.

All existing approved plans that were in place on 19 October 2015, being the commencement date of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, will expire 10 years from that date (i.e. 19 October 2025). This is in accordance with Schedule 2, Part 4 clause 28(2) or Part 5 clause 44(2) or Part 6 clause 57(2) of the Regulations, as applicable. Any plans approved after 19 October 2015 are valid for ten years from the date of approval.

Notwithstanding this, the Shire considers that any plans approved more than 10 years prior to the commencement date of the Regulations (i.e. before 19 October 2005) have limited weight and so are not included in the list above. These plans have not been included due to their age and lack of consistency with the current planning framework and most of the land they cover is now subdivided and developed.

In addition, this list does not include older subdivision or development guide plans referenced in specific clauses or provisions in the Shire of Capel Town Planning Scheme No.7, which are not Structure Plans, Activity Centre Plans or Local Development Plans as defined by the Regulations.