Special Electors’ Meeting Update

More than 300 Shire of Capel electors and community members attended the Special Electors’ Meeting at the Capel Community Centre last Wednesday night.

Last month the Shire electors submitted a petition calling for a meeting to consider three motions related to the Regional Waste Facility.

Motions put to council:

  1. That the regional rubbish tip facility proposal has not been fully disclosed to the electors of Capel. Information and files are being withheld by the Shire of Capel to the detriment of electors, and full information and correspondence should be made available on request.
  2. The regional rubbish tip facility is totally unacceptable at its current proposed location (Reserve 14076 Goodwood Road, Capel) in the Shire of Capel and the proponents shall be advised of this from the Shire of Capel.
  3. The regional rubbish tip facility is a flawed concept and will not solve the problem of waste generated from the South West populous regions in the medium to long term.

The three motions received unanimous support from electors and these will now be considered by Council at its ordinary meeting on 20 December 2017.

President Murray Scott thanked all those who attended and complimented the electors and community members for behaving in a peaceful and respectful way during the proceedings of the meeting.