South West Cycle Club Criteriums and Time Trials – Stratham

The Shire of Capel received an application from South West Cycle Club for Criteriums and Time Trials with 12-20 participants in the Stratham area.

Criterium: Friday 16 February 2018 – 5:30pm-6:45pm
Time Trials: Wednesday 21 February 2018 and Wednesday 7 March 2018 – 5:30pm-6:45pm.

The Shire of Capel has approved the application based on the submitted information with the following conditions:

  1. Ensure affected residents are provided with details of upcoming events including dates and a phone number for complaints;
  2. Participants to stay off the road whilst not participating;
  3. Vehicles of participants to be parked off the road so they do not hinder local traffic;
  4. All rubbish is to be collected and removed from the event at the completion of the event; and
  5. Adherence to the submitted Risk Management Plan.