Reconstruction of Bridge Street

The Shire of Capel allocated funding for the reconstruction of a portion of Bridge Street this financial year, 2016/17.

‘BCP Contractors’ have been engaged by the Shire of Capel to undertake these works.

Works are proposed to commence on the 20th March 2017 and to be completed by the 7th April 2017. The works will include reconstructing a portion of Bridge Street on the Western side of South Western Highway to provide new kerbing, road surface and footpath connections, (please see attached sketch for location of works).

These works will require that this section of road will often be closed to traffic for the duration of the project. Car parking at the General Store will be accessible at all times from South Western Highway.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the timing or the scope of works please do not hesitate to contact Colin Campbell on 97270222, or email at