Poor Disposal of Flares – Community Safety Risk

The Shire of Capel has received information that an Incandescent Parachute Flare was improperly used last week – an act that posed a risk to the community.

While flares are common amongst the boating members of our community, when they pass their use by date, they can only be disposed of by authorised agencies.

In the Capel region, our nearest contact points are Department of Transport – 9792 6607 or Busselton Volunteer Marine Rescue – 9754 7777.

The improper use of distress flares can cause unnecessary concern and activation of our volunteer emergency services. The flares can also start bush fires during our warmer months and this can pose a threat to our wider community.

If anyone has any information about people improperly using flares, please contact the Shire’s Ranger Services on 9727 0222.

Boat owners are reminded to make sure their flares are correctly and securely stored to avoid being stolen from their vessels.