Inspection & Testing

Swimming Pool Barriers

The Shire of Capel, as a permit authority, inspects all swimming pools upon completion to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations 2012, and AS 1926.1-2012 (Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools).

The Shire is also required to inspection all approved swimming pools on a reoccurring 4 year basis in accordance with the Building Regulations 2012.

Occupancy Permits (Class 2-9)

The owner of a newly completed Class 2 to 9 building is required to obtain an Occupancy Permit before the building is occupied.

Inspections and tests are required to be conducted during, and on completion of construction of all Class 2 to 9 buildings, in line with the Building Regulations 2012 and the conditions of the building permit.


It is not a legislated requirement for inspections to be conducted on other buildings or structures under construction, unless it is noted on the Permit conditions. Conditions on the Permit may request the builder to notify the permit authority at different stages of construction.

The permit authority’s delegated officers have the authority to enter any property within the Shire for the purpose of inspecting any building related matters.