Permits to Burn Still Required

The Shire of Capel is still in the Restricted Burning Period meaning that burning off can only be undertaken in accordance with the conditions of a Permit to Burn issued by a local Bush Fire Control Officer. The Restricted Burning Period is currently in place until 26th April, but may be extended beyond that date if seasonal conditions warrant.

Because we are yet to have any rainfall to put some moisture into the ground, the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer has directed that permits will only be issued within the following guidelines:

  • Permits to Burn will be available for the wider community to burn from Tuesday 18th April 2017,
  • Fires are only to be lit after 5.00pm (to take advantage of the cooler evening conditions)
  • Fire Control Officers need to inspect each proposed burn to ensure that appropriate conditions are imposed to control/contain the fire,
  • Fire Control Officers are to reinforce the need for compliance with all of the conditions on the Permit (notification of neighbours etc) so that the landowner avoids the potential for a visit from a Ranger.

Below is a  list of contact details for your local Bush Fire Control Officers

Gelorup  – Jeff McDougall 0427 959 380

Stratham  – Murray Scott 0407 270 023

Elgin (North) – Chris Scott 0408 921 356

Elgin (South) – Barry Bell 0427 966 126

Boyanup (North) – Trevor Brockman 0407 080 925

Boyanup (South) – Brian Smith 0427 387 412

Capel River – Neale Scott 0428 121 222

Capel – Peter Dunlop 0428 122 676

Stirling/Peppy Grove Beach – Mark Roberts 0412 446 516