Motorists asked to avoid using Calinup Road

The Shire’s technical services team is responding with urgency to a road surface requiring potential emergency work in Gelorup.

Technical Services Manager Kristin McKechie urged motorists to drive with caution along Calinup Road, Gelorup where the road surface is uneven and requires maintenance work.

He said the investigation stage, to determine what sorts of restoration work is required, had commenced using 3D scanning technology this week.

“We will act according to what the surveyors find,” he said.

“We need to determine whether the movement has stabilised on the road, in order to understand the degree of restoration work which is needed.”

He encouraged motorists to avoid using the road and finding an alternative route if possible.

The Shire will be continuing its surveying work over the coming months and updates will be published to keep the community informed.