Keeping Informed in an Emergency

Emergency WA is a new website from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, which provides the community with the best available information and community warnings about emergencies in Western Australia.

The site has alerts and warnings about numerous events such as fires, floods, storms, earthquakes, cyclones, hazardous material incidents and more.

The website informs people on how to prepare for an emergency,  lists information on fire danger ratings and total fire bans, along with a Google Map showing up-to-date active emergency incidents and warnings across the State.

Information about active prescribed burns being undertaken by government agencies and private landowners, can also be accessed on the site.

While the site is a great resource, during emergencies it is important to always seek information from a variety of sources and be aware of the surrounding area, stay connected with the community and take action at the first sign of an emergency.

The website can be accessed at save this site to your mobile device or desktop to enable quick access during an emergency.

More information can also be found on the Emergency WA Fact Sheet

For more information regarding preparing yourself, your family and your property for an emergency event, please see the ‘Are You Prepared’ section on the Shire’s website.