Fire Restrictions

Current Burning Period:

Unrestricted Burning Period

Please still exercise caution when conducting a burn on your property. Ensure adequate supply of water for extinguishment if require, and maintain supervision of the fire at all times.

Bush Fire Order

In response to ratepayer/resident feedback the annual Bush Fire Order is separated by property type in an effort to reduce confusion for residents as to their requirements when preparing their property for the upcoming fire season. A hard copy of the Bush Fire Order relevant to the property you own within the Shire of Capel will be mailed out to you in early October.

Please ensure that you read through the relevant Bush Fire Order for your property type so that you are aware of the work you will be required to undertake prior to the 30th November and maintain right through the summer months. If there are any points within the order/s that you are unsure of, please contact the Community Rangers at the Shire on 9727 0222 during business hours.

A list of contractors that have advised the Shire of Capel they are able to assist you with required works can be found below.

Preparing for the upcoming fire season is everyone’s responsibility. No matter where you are located, there will be things you can do to help reduce the fuel load and reduce the potential spread of bush fire. You should also take some time to ensure you are prepared for what you will do in the event of an emergency. More information about how to do this can be found on the ‘Are You Prepared’ section of our website.

Firebreak Contractor List – currently under review

Bush Fire Order – Townsite Residential/Commercial/Industrial  – currently under review

Bush Fire Order – Large Residential*/Special Rural currently under review

Bush Fire Order – Rural – currently under review

Bush Fire Order – Plantations – currently under review

Should you wish to apply for an variation to the requirements for your property, you must do so in writing to the Manager Emergency & Ranger Services PRIOR to the 31st October 2017. Late applications will not be accepted. You can either apply to install your firebreaks in an alternate position to that required in the order, and/or to take alternate action to control fire risks on your land, or you can apply for an exemption from the requirement to install firebreaks for either a 1 year or a 5 year period. All applications must first be discussed by yourself with your local Fire Control Officer, who must countersign your application letter before you submit it to the Shire to indicate their support of your plan. Once submitted the Manager Emergency & Ranger Services will assess your application.