Dalyellup Fox Update – Trapping Completed

Thanks to the help from the Dalyellup community, the fox trappers have successfully removed four foxes from the dunes along Hutt Drive.

One male and one female fox that residents had seen roaming around together near the BBQ area at the end of Norton Promenade and two other male foxes.

The coastal bushland areas in Dalyellup are home to a variety of native animals that are no longer seen in other parts of urban Western Australia. It is important that every effort is taken to protect these very special members of our local ecosystem. Quendas, or bandicoots as they are more commonly known, have been spotted hopping around the staircase where the foxes were seen.

Bandicoots are marsupials that carry their young in a pouch. They are omnivores and eat insects, spiders, plant roots and fungi. Their diggings leave a distinctive cone shaped hole that matches the shape of their noses. They can weight up to 1.2kg and look like big rats but unlike rats, have tails that are shorter than their bodies.

It is hoped that the removal of the foxes will allow the local bandicoot population to grow again.

Thank you to everybody who sent in fox reports. Please let us know if you see any more and we will endeavour to keep them under control.

Rae McPherson
Engineering Environment Officer