Local Government Elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years. Generally, half the members of Council stand at each election, with members elected for a 4 year term.

Nominations for the October election are now closed.

Here are the candidates who are running for a position on Council in the October 2017 elections.

Candidates (As drawn on the ballot paper)


Murray has lived in Elgin his entire life. He has been married to Megan for 47 years and they have three children and many grandchildren.  They were self-employed dairy farmers for many years and retired from milking in 2008.  He feels that he has the time and passion for the Shire.

Currently the Shire President and Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, Murray represents the Shire on many committees, keeping us on the front foot of local issues. He believes the Shire must continue to be focussed on sustainable planning, development, infrastructure and most importantly, viability with a strategic long term financial plan to improve and keep up with the growth and needs of our communities while listening to both sides.

Murray is seeking your support for re-election as a Councillor for the Shire of Capel to keep working for the constituents who have chosen this exciting shire in which to live, work and play with their families.

Mobile: 0407 270 023

Email: murrame123@gmail.com

Postal Address: RMB 134, BOYANUP  6237


Douglas is seeking your support in the upcoming Shire of Capel Council Elections.

Douglas has been a resident of this Shire all his life, living on the family dairy farm in Elgin until purchasing his own home in the Capel town site. He is an Electrician by trade, a casual bartender at the local Boyanup tavern, and a volunteer firefighter for the Elgin Brigade.  He believes his young energetic attitude will bring a diverse perspective on key ideas that will help grow our community and all aspects within our Shire.

As your prospective Councillor, his primary goals are to maintain quality community consultation, seek further funding and investment in our local roads and to assist local businesses to prosper. He looks forward to working for and alongside the many residents within the Shire of Capel.

Home: 9727 1469

Mobile: 0427 949 381

Email: kitched95@gmail.com


Michael lives in Gelorup with his family and is standing for Council because he believes Gelorup, Dalyellup and Stratham are the neglected areas of this Shire, with all the decision-making and spending based in Capel.

He believes that the northern part of the Shire urgently needs better representation, so that our needs and concerns are not put second. Council services like the library and waste facilities are based in Capel, a long way from Gelorup, Dalyellup and Stratham.  We need more basic infrastructure like footpaths and better community facilities, but have been neglected in these areas.  If elected he will advocate for more focus on this part of the Shire.

As a former journalist and now a business manager, Michael feels he has the skills and experience to analyse what is going on and come up with suggestions for improvement. He can represent your interests and ensure Gelorup, Dalyellup and Stratham are not forgotten.

Home: 9795 4808

Email: southy@iinet.net.au


Debbie has lived and raised a family in the Capel Shire for eleven years. She understands the challenges and joys of raising a family in this community.

Debbie is an Oncology Nurse which requires sensitive communication and listening skills that she can bring to bear in a position on Council. She has been involved in development an education support centre in Bunbury and gained qualifications and worked whilst raising her children, one with severe disabilities.

She believes that harmony between the rural and urban elements of our community is key to the wellbeing of residents. She will ensure our natural assets are protected and managed.

Debbie will advocate for the management of 4-wheel driving opportunities on our beaches so we can continue to enjoy this privilege well into the future.

Mobile: 0438 252 116

Email: debbieradisich@gmail.com


Norm would like your vote for the Capel Shire election. He and his wife moved to Dalyellup 11 years ago.

He is a retired from the workforce and has time, experience and commitment to represent all Capel residents. Norm has 30 years of Engineering and Production management experience in the manufacturing industry.

Norm has been directly involved in sporting and activity groups in which his children were members. He is a Committee member and office bearer for the Dalyellup Seniors Association.  He is a Committee member and office bearer for the Wood Turners Association of WA.  His hobbies are Woodturning and playing Bridge (cards).

Although his interests are to maintain and create facilities for Youth, Seniors and Sport in Capel, he has a broadminded approach to all Council affairs and the requirements of both groups and individuals within the Shire of Capel.

Mobile: 0405 500 135

Email: norm953@bigpond.com

Postal Address: 28 Antelope Turn, Dalyellup  6230


Greg has lived in Capel for 51 years and been a Capel Councillor for 16 years. In this time he has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge of the area.  He would like to see Capel continue to grow but still retain its rural outlook.

If he is re-elected he will be trying to get more activity within each town centre to create a more liveable town and create the possibility for more jobs. This would be in local businesses and tourism.

He realises the increase in rates has been an issue and will continue to look at the balance of growth, supplying services and keeping rates at a sustainable level.

He has a passion for living and doing business in Capel and hopes you will support him in being re-elected to the Shire of Capel.

Mobile: 0418 933 746

Email: gregnort@bigpond.net.au


Brian will vote to keep rates down every year as in the past few years, the Capel Shire Council has increased the rates by an average of 6%. He will vote for the rates to be capped at 4% for the next four years.

He will take the time to listen, investigate and voice your issues, whether they be rates, roads, planning, rubbish, building or playground issues and any other issues that you may have.

Brian is community minded and has held positions on the South West Health Advisory Committee, RSL, Capel Fest and has umpired both junior and senior Australian Rules football. He is currently a Goal Umpire for the South West Football League.

Brian has lived in the Capel Shire for the past 17 years and has four adult children and ten grandchildren. He has the time and energy to devote to the Council and be your advocate.

Mobile: 0414 890 685

Email: brihastie@yahoo.com

Postal Address: 1253 Bussell Highway, Stratham  6237


Brian is 61 years old, married and has been a resident of Boyanup for 20 years.

While initially employed in the private sector, he has worked for the Department of Agriculture for 38 years with experience in management and more recently in livestock biosecurity.

Brian believes he can bring experience as a current sitting Councillor and is a member and chairperson of many community groups. He has active involvement as a Fire Control Officer and runs a successful meat sheep stud with his wife, Neroli, on their Boyanup property.

Brian would like to continue to represent all ratepayers, supporting communities that are inspired, connected, active and engaged, that can grow in a planned way while maintaining the agricultural significance of the Shire and minimising environmental impacts.

Home: 9731 5618

Mobile: 0427 387 412

Postal Address: PO Box 181, Boyanup  6237