Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan – Council endorsed the Bunbury Geographe Growth Plan Strategy and supported the ongoing marketing of the branding and strategic objectives of the Plan. The Plan is a partnership between the City of Bunbury and Shires of Capel, Dardanup and Harvey with funding from the state government that has identified a number of key priorities to grow the Greater Bunbury region in partnership with industry and key organisations. The Growth Plan and additional information is available on the website


Program of Works – Paths – A five year (2017/18 – 2021/22) Paths program was adopted by Council that will see $1,467,304 invested in paths throughout the Shire over the next five year period, with $389,854 being allocated during this period to renewals, which is replacing existing paths that have reached the end of their life.


Storage Shed Capel Horse and Pony Club – A request from the Horse and Pony Club Capel, to construct an open sided shelter to store a tractor used to maintain the grounds and trailers containing show jumping, dressage and games equipment at the Capel Equestrian Centre grounds in Capel, has been approved by Council subject to compliance with the Building Code of Australia.


Road Closures in Capel – Council has approved the closure of John Hogg Road, and portions of Cable Mine Road, Yeardy Road and Cloverdale Road to the public for a period of 3 years to maintain site safety and security during the continuation of Iluka’s mining operations. The adjoining landowner will be provided with a key to gates to allow access along Cable Mine Road.


Forrest Beach Road & Bridge Closure – As Water Corporation were unable to complete the works to replace the bridge on Forrest Beach Road during the last summer period Council has given approval for a new closure period of six months from 1st May to 31st October 2017.


Scheme Amendment – Capel Drive – Council has approved the initiation of a scheme amendment that will facilitate the establishment of a residential dwelling on 158 Capel Drive, Capel to support the intended use of Craft shop.


Donations 2017/18 – As part of the 2017/18 draft budget preparation Council has approved a number of donations to local community organisations, an allocation to the Lord Mayor’s Relief Fund, state and national sports representatives from within the Shire and an allocation for minor and discretionary donations to meet requests that are received during the financial year. A total of $23,360 has been approved for the 2017/18 budget.


Community and Councillor Budget Requests – Following the advertising earlier in the calendar year for community members and Councillors to submit requests for budget consideration in the 2017/18 budget, a number of requests were received. A number of the requests have already been included in the budget under normal operations and in addition a further $96,514 was approved for inclusion in the draft budget. A major expenditure item will be to provide an additional bus shelter and seal the existing gravel area at the school bus pickup on Goodwood Road, Capel following numerous complaints.


Fees and Charges – In reviewing the various current fees and charges that are levied by the Shire for items as hall hire, dog and cat and animal controls and other services, Council has approved in most cases a CPI increase for the next financial year, with waste collection fees both for the household collection and at the transfer site remaining the same in most cases.


Differential Rates – In adopting the differential rates in the dollar to be levied on all properties in the Shire for the 2017/18 financial year Council sought to reduce the number of different rates in the dollar down to five whilst seeking to achieve an overall total rate revenue increase of 6%. However with the proposal to achieve a lower number of different rates in the dollar some rate categories will receive increases above the 6% whilst others will be below 6%.|
The differential rating is now being advertised for public comment, closing on Friday 26th May 2017. Copies of the proposed rates in the dollar for each rate category and the ‘Objects and Reason’ are available from the Shire Administration Office, on the Shire’s website and at each Library throughout the Shire.


Rugby Goal Posts – With the completion of the East Dalyellup Sports Pavilion junior rugby has expressed an interest in using the oval and facilities for this coming winter season. As a result Council has approved an unbudgeted expenditure of $7,628 to have junior rugby goal posts purchased and erected immediately to allow the club to start using the oval and facilities.